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An e-sports bar in Denton, Tx.

I love video games. My nights are filled with working with fermenter games developing, designing, and creating new projects. So when we were approached to help launch a gaming lounge I was excited. So excited, that I didn't stop thinking about it. After some research we pitched back to the client Trapdoor, an e-sports bar. I served as lead designer on this project.

Trapdoor is our concept, name, and branding all in one place. It was one of those projects I couldn't stop thinking about. Our challenge was to integrate the line of computers being made for trapdoor into the bar's brand. The computers would need to be representative of the bar itself but distinct enough to be sold individually. We landed on monsters for each of computers and started to ask ourselves "where do monsters hang out?" Lots of nerdom was explored as we discussed dungeons, caves, castles, lairs and ultimately landed on Trapdoor. 

The "monsters." Each monster is a specific line of computers that people can use at Trapdoor.